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Car Auctions in Georgia

If given the chance, everyone would take advantage of the opportunity to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on their next car purchase. Perry’s Auto Auction gives you that chance. Try purchasing your next car from GA used car auctions instead of the countless number of dealerships in the area and you will find that choosing one of the many cars for auction in the Georgia area saves you money and gives you an unparalleled car shopping experience! Car auctions offer individuals a fast, efficient, and thrifty way to purchase used auction cars and to potentially walk away from the car auction site with a deal far better than at any used car lot.

If you have never been to a Georgia car auction before and aren’t quite sure about what to expect, a car auction typically runs like any other auction you might attend in GA (see About Auctions for more explanation). At a car auction you will see an auctioneer, sellers, bidders and items up for sale (in this case, auction cars). You can also expect the spirit of fun, competition, energy, and excitement that abounds at any auction!

However, before you go to a Swainsboro car auto auction, make sure you know what kind of car auction it is; while many car auctions are open to the public, some are still for dealers only. Most car auction sites will have a list of the car auctions that are for dealers only and then the ones that are open to the general public.

While most car auctions in Georgia run similarly to any other kind of auction, there are a few differences that are crucial to understand. Many car auction houses in the GA area use something called “the light system” to help classify the cars. This light system uses three colors (red, yellow and green) that indicate how much information the seller has disclosed about the auction car. As a new car is introduced at the auction, the auctioneer will announce any details about the car as well as its light status – green, yellow or red. A word of caution: the lights do not indicate anything about the car’s condition. Oftentimes, auction first-timers naively mistake a green light to signify that the car has no problems, but that is not true.

Whether you are in Georgia GA or elsewhere, these car auction lights typically mean the following:

  • Green: Green-light cars for auction are the best type to buy if you don’t want to take a gamble. If you buy a green-light auction car in Swainsboro, then you can generally feel confident about your purchase. Note that a green light does not mean you are getting an auction car free of any repairs, but you will have the assurance that the car has been inspected and that major repairs have been reported by the seller. Buying a green-light auto auction car is the safest way to go.
  • Yellow: This light is the trickiest, whether you’re attending a car auction in Georgia, New York, or small-town America. A yellow light means that the seller may have disclosed some information about the auction car, such as mechanical defects or a salvaged title, but you may not have every detail about these cars for auction. The purchase could go either way.
  • Red: Purchasing an auction car that has a red light means that you will buy the auction car as is—with no arguments or negotiation. You will probably want to avoid bidding on a red-light auction car if you’re a first-time car auction participant or if you aren’t an experienced car mechanic. If you purchase an auction car on a red-light status, you simply cannot have buyer’s remorse.

Now that you understand the car auction light system, here are a few more general tips that will help you be prepared for success at your next Georgia car auction! If possible, decide ahead of time which cars for auction interest you by consulting the car auction site catalog (sometimes even available online). Remember that it pays to do your car auction research prior to the day of the car auto auction!

Another important piece of research is getting the Vehicle History Report on any auction car you’re considering. Try to get the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from the seller and run a thorough Vehicle History Report; this will help ensure that you don’t leave a GA car auction driving a car with unseen problems. If something fishy turns up in the Vehicle History Report, then look for another car. Also, arrive at the car auction site early so you have time to inspect all the auction cars in which you are interested. Be on the lookout for damaged rims, flood damage, a rebuilt title, uneven tire wear (a sign of bad alignment), excessive damage, and anything else that does not look right to you. If you aren’t savvy with cars, bring a car-savvy friend!

Get acquainted with the regulations and rules for the auction you are going to attend. Each car auction site has its own terms and conditions regarding payment method, bidding etiquette and other important matters. For example, you will want to know whether the Georgia car auction site charges a buyer’s premium or if you can use personal checks or credit cards to purchase your auction car.

With a little bit of research and preparation, you should be ready to venture into your first Georgia auto auction! If you don’t find your dream car the first time you go, don’t be discouraged! Part of the fun of auto auctions is that most GA car auction sites hold weekly auto car auctions that boast a new selection of vehicles each week.


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